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New update is live in the App Store!

We are happy to announce that the new version 1.4 is available now on the app store! Click the icon below or Click Here to download now!





SST:IMI Update arriving at the end of the month.

If everything goes according to plan we should be seeing our next major update arriving in the App Store at the end of November.

We are very excited to include some awesome new features in this update, along with two new action buttons in the main game there is an all new "Sniper Mini Game" add on you can play!

Defense! - Introducing a new "Bug Spray" button that will allow you to effectively stop all bugs from attacking and killing them dead! And don't worry it can be used at any time it's fully charged so you always have a life line if you get stuck!



I feel good! - This is our new "Regenerate" button that replenishes health at the tap of a button, no more need to rack up health drops on your way to the fight. This button will recharge after every use to give you a better chance at making it out alive!


And our new Sniper Mini Game add on is a fun new way to blast bugs while racking up fed credits!


Remember this scene?


Hiccups abound!

We just overcame a few more recent hiccups installing an external service inside of our current build. We will now be successfully moving on with the first test build of our new update.

Check back soon, we will be posting a very interesting clue to our new game add on!